Business Loan Opportunities

What is the Revolving Loan Fund?

The RLF serves to provide micro loans for a period of time to individuals and/or businesses seeking to startup or expand a small business in Shiawassee County. This effort will retain and/or create jobs and capital investment that improves the economic health and wealth of the county. The RLF’s primary role will be to act as a gap lending resource that provides financing to support projects that already have a firm commitment from a financial institution, have exhausted all personal equity options, and have passed an evaluation. In some cases, the RLF may also be made available to small businesses that have been turned down by financial institutions.

The RLF is managed by representatives of the Shiawassee Regional Chamber of Commerce (a private 501(c6) non-profit corporation). The Shiawassee Regional Chamber of Commerce received two grants totaling $126,000 from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to begin the RLF, with a local SRCC cash match of $51,000.