Shiawassee In Motion 1.0

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Shiawassee In Motion 1.0 Publication

Through a series of focus groups, visioning and educational sessions, the Shiawassee County Sub Regional Planning process has utilized the voices and ideas of hundreds of Shiawassee County citizens to address the following:

Identification of Assets

Diversifying and Globally Connecting Business

Increasing Capital Funding

Creating an Entrepreneurial Culture

Retooling our Existing Workforce and Educating our Future Workforce

Attracting and Retaining Talent

Marketing the Region

Strengthening Quality of Place

Seizing Green Opportunities

Optimizing Infrastructure Investment

Enhancing Transportation Connections

Shaping Responsive Government

The goals of developing a Shiawassee Sub Regional Plan are:

  • To build trust and regional cooperation
  • To organize Shiawassee County into a cohesive group that will be able to move forward together in a unified direction.  Once this goal is achieved, Shiawassee County will be able to function as its own region and have access to both state and federal funding resources
  • To give Shiawassee county a greater voice on the regional stage and to identify which region is the best fit for us in the future in regard to community and economic development collaborations
  • The long term goal of this plan is to give our community a voice in the Region V Community Economic Development Plan. 

The final working plan will be completed by year’s end.  Stay tuned for additional information.