Shiawassee In Motion Initiatives

The Shiawassee In Motion planning process is over and it is time for action. The major focus areas from the plan have been identified and given directors to oversee the development of each individual focus area. This page will be home to all meeting minutes and other necessary planning/meeting information.

•Steering Committee Meeting Minutes:
May 2, 2012
June 13, 2012
August 8, 2012

•Focus Area 1: Improve Collaboration, Cooperation and Communication Between Governments

·Initiative 1: Create Shiawassee Intergovernmental Collaborative

·Initiative 2: Strengthen collaboration between school districts and consolidate services where efficient

·Initiative 3: Move toward uniform zoning standards, language and permits across all units of government

•Focus Area 2: Assist, Accelerate and Attract business, and support innovation & Entrepreneurs

·Initiative 1: Create business incubators and business assistance centers in downtowns. Leverage existing talent to provide services

·Initiative 2: Expand "Live Here Work Here" assistance program

•Focus Area 3:  Support, Develop and Leverage Green Infrastructure (Our natural resources & working land)

·Initiative 1: Develop a green infrastructure plan for the county

·Initiative 2: Create an agricultural economic development plan for the county

·Initiative 3: Create a comprehensive parks and recreation plan for the county

·Initiative 4: Shiawassee River Initiatives

•Focus Area 4:
Talent Creation and Retention

·Initiative 1:Expand and Promote county-wide career center

·Initiative 2: Increase entrepreneurial and skilled trades education in K-12 schools

·Initiative 3: Support , expand and invest in a system of early childhood education

•Focus Area 5:

·Initiative 1: Create a train-based cultural tourism network countywide

·Initiative 2: Improve mobility options beyond the automobile that connect destinations

·Initiative 3: Create youth-based activity center/aquacenter

·Initiative 4: Arts & Entertainment
July 18, 2012
July 20, 2012

•Focus Area 6: Market, Brand, and Promote the county as a region with one voice

·Initiative 1: One Stop Shop for all information on community assets and services

·Initiative 2: Expand the role of the Convention and Visitors Bureau

·Initiative 3: Market "third places" in communities